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Dawn Fisher Design, based in Guelph, offers comprehensive home staging and redesign services tailored for residential projects, including smaller homes and condominiums. Founded by certified stager and designer Dawn Fisher, our mission is to create interiors that are timeless, unique, and inviting. When preparing to sell your home, it's essential to recognize that potential buyers may not share your memories and will want to visualize the space in a way that aligns with their lifestyle.

We specialize in maximizing your home's value by presenting it in a tasteful, open, and neutral style. Drawing from our expertise in scale, proportion, and diverse design elements across various eras and styles, we are adept at effectively marketing your property. Our staging and styling process may incorporate your existing furniture, art, and accessories alongside additional items we provide to accentuate the home's features, helping prospective buyers envision how they could personalize the space.

Allow us to assist you in uncovering the full potential of your property.

Dawn Fisher - Founder



ID, CCSP, RESA, Staging Design Professional™ Expert Level

Dawn's passion for design and entrepreneurship runs deep in her family. Growing up surrounded by the entrepreneurial spirit and home building, she fondly recalls childhood memories of climbing scaffolding (her personal monkey bars), working onsite, and running from showroom to showroom, helping to select finishes. It's no surprise that Dawn pursued a career in interior design.

Her journey, like any entrepreneur's, has been rich with learning and wonderful experiences. A cherished chapter in Dawn’s history was her time in "Hollywood North." After completing her interior design education, she worked alongside incredibly talented production designers and artists in the art department. Over the years, she contributed to various productions, from mini-series to major feature films, even crossing paths with a few stars along the way. She has some amusing stories to share—just ask her!

During this period, Dawn also took on select design projects and continued to further her education. Her entrepreneurial spirit continued to grow, leading Dawn Fisher Design to focus on interior design projects and home staging. In 2020, she served as the RESA Kitchener-Waterloo Chapter (Real Estate Staging Association) President, and she was honored to be elected as the 2021 RESA Ontario President, where she was awarded RESA 2021 State/Provincial President of the Year.


This recognition inspired her to support the industry even further, where she became apart of the faculty at Sheridan College in their Intermediate Staging program.


Property Staging Consultation

Get your property market-ready! All of our Stages [Vacant & Occupied] begin with our signature "Property Staging Consultation" Our skilled team conducts a comprehensive assessment to identify essential upgrades in fixtures and finishes, with the goal of maximizing your return on investment when you sell. We carefully assess your current furniture and decor, creating a strategy for what should stay and what should be removed during staging. Using photographs and videos of the space, we develop optimal enhancements, including aesthetic renovations and both interior and exterior staging, to ensure your property stands out and attracts buyers, resulting in compelling offers. Within two business days you are provided a detailed report outlining necessary preparations and a personalized to-do list. Additionally, you'll receive a detailed quote that includes costs for furniture, art, accessory rentals, delivery, and pickup, tailored to your home's size, the number of rooms staged, and the type of furniture required. $275 +hst Covered by most Realtors Note: If the Vacant Property Staging Consultation is just a quote with no staging notes it will be credited to your Staging & Styling Day when booked.

Painting a New Wall

The Prepwork

You will have received your detailed report outlining all necessary preparations, including a personalized to-do list with recommended upgrades, repairs, decluttering, and depersonalizing tasks. We suggest reviewing this report with your Realtor to finalize an action plan. Be generous with your timeline, ensuring you have adequate time to complete the tasks. This can be a stressful endeavor, so be kind to yourself and ask for help if needed. We can refer various vendors and partners to assist with the recommended tasks. This is also the time to confirm if you wish to proceed with the quoted staging services from Dawn Fisher Design so we can schedule your staging accordingly. Outside vendors can assist based on your requirements. Please communicate with these vendors directly for pricing.

Staging & Styling Day

Once you have completed the necessary enhancements, aesthetic improvements, and cleaning, your property will be ready for staging installation. Get ready to transform your home into a marketing masterpiece with our Staging & Styling Day service. According to the agreed-upon schedule, our team will deliver the furnishings and decorations to your property. Our talented stylists will then artistically arrange and embellish the furniture and decor, transforming your property into an enchanting setting for prospective homebuyers. Price Varies - See Quote provided with your Property Staging Report.

Photography & Listing Days

We don't offer photography services, as this is typically arranged by your Realtor. 


However, we do provide our White Glove Service where we return one hour before your photographer arrives to ensure all the details are perfect for the photoshoot. This includes the optimal placement of cushions, removal of floor mats, tucking away electrical cords, and hanging artwork at the proper heights.


Hourly Rate: $200 +hst (minimum 1 hour)

De-Staging Day

Congratulations On Your Sale!  


Our De-Staging Day is included in our Staging Packages, so all we need from you is to schedule a time for us to come in and pack up, and remove all our rental items that we provided.

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Mon - Fri


After Hours

10:00 am – 6:00 pm

Special Request

Special Request

We are at your service

Travel Fees apply beyond a 75km radius of our office in Guelph

Staging Inquiry:

We prioritize transparency in our billing process. Generating a comprehensive plan for your specific property requires time and effort, so we do charge a fee for our quotes. To receive a quote, please schedule the "Property Staging Consultation" for either a vacant or occupied property.

Are you a Realtor or Homeowner
Which of our packages are you interested in?
Property Staging Consultation Only (for our DIY'rs) $275 + hst
Stage & Style Enhancement Package (starts at $1,100 +hst): Living Room, Kitchen & Dining Room, and Primary Bedroom. Rental items may include artwork, soft decor, and accessories, but no furnishings. (Includes Property Staging Consultation)
Stage & Style Occupied Package (starts at $1,800 +hst): Living Room, Kitchen & Dining Room, and Primary Bedroom. Rental items may include artwork, soft decor, and accessories, lamps, nightstands, but no large furnishings. (Includes Property Staging Consultation)
Stage & Style Vacant Package (starts at $2,500 +hst): Living Room, Kitchen & Dining Room, and Primary Bedroom. Rental items may include artwork, soft decor, and accessories, lamps, nightstands, bed, sofa, coffee table set, accent chair. (Includes Property Staging Consultation)

Please allow for a two (2) business day response.

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