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We specialize in preparing your home for sale by transforming spaces by using a marketing technique by decorating to create an experience that attracts prospective buyers.  With over 95% of home buyers shopping online we focus on making your home stand out by improving your home's overall market presentation.  

Our property stylists are members of RESA, accredited and insured staging professionals who provide our clients with recommendations and staging solutions for their specific property.  With occupied staging, we work with your existing furniture and can provide rentals from our inventory that will complement what you already have.  We assist with furniture placement to highlight room features, and create effective flow through your home.

All of our Occupied Staging projects begin with a staging consultation.  We dedicate up to two (2) hours on your specific property, providing you with a detailed list of home staging solutions.  


After our consultation you will receive a Consult Summary, that consists of your "TO DO LIST" as well as our Quote for Staging Services.  We offer a number of services to assist you in the process of preparing your home.   Such as accessory, decor, art, and furniture rentals, referrals to trade professionals etc.  


Home buyers are visual but only 10% of people can actually envision an empty baron space.  Without defining a space and providing visual relatable scale the vacant home doesn't illicit an emotional connection, making them difficult properties to sell.  

When it comes to vacant home staging we start with a Vacant Home Assessment where we visit the property for 20-30 mins to record measurements, photograph the space, and make notes. We then review our inventory, delivery availability and customize a staging plan for your property.  Within two (2) days you will receive a quote for furniture, accessory rentals, and home staging services deliver, install/style and de-stage your property.

*If you move forward with the provided rental and full staging quote the Vacant Home Assessment will be refundable.

We are often asked for "Rough Quotes" for the Vacant Home Staging.  The reality is this is incredibly difficult to do without actually seeing the property in person.  As a reference the average minimum could start at $2500+HST that would include staging rentals, service fees, delivery and pickup of potentially three (3) major spaces, bathroom(s), and kitchen counters staged.

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